Is a glass fibre roof a good alternative for felt / asphalt flat roofing in Cornwall?

To answer this question take a look at the image below.

Felt roofs have seams which give a bad name to flat roof installations!

The short answer is yes – fibreglass roofs, properly installed, are superior to asphalt / felt roofs in many ways. Properly installed asphalt / felt flat roofing lasts a reasonable time yet even though no physical interaction with the felt has taken place, sometimes edges and seams break as shown in this photo. The damage is only ever apparent when a leak is spotted inside the structure or when chippings and debris are cleared off the roof.

Many felt / asphalt roofs are covered in small stone chippings that are required to reflect heat and protect the surface of the roof. These chippings can provide a bed in which plant life grows creating additional weight on to the roof structure. These plants cause damage to the felt and the chippings can flow into and block guttering and drains.  Fibreglass roofs do not need chippings.

What are the benefits of glass fibre roofs?

Can you see all the seams on this roof waiting for a water leak through? No? You can’t see them can you? Fibreglass roofs have no seams. No seams = no leaks.

The seams that cause so many problems to felt / asphalt / rubber roofing systems are eliminated on a fibreglass roof and your roof is encapsulated in a thick resin and glass fibre composite shell: water tight, with no seams, and no need to apply stone chippings.  It actually looks quite good too!  Our customers agree – see testimonials or our past work.

Our fibreglass roof installations are so good they are backed up by an insurance backed guarantee of at least 20 years.  In our experience your roof will last for much longer too.

Inform yourself on how they are made and the installation process.  The right knowledge helps with the right decision.


Benefits of fibreglass roofs

The benefits of fibreglass roofs:

  • tough and hard wearing
  • guaranteed for 20 years with an Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • can be easily repaired if physically damaged
  • can be extended or re-furbished
  • can be tiled, used as a garden platform, a balcony, or have decking laid over them
  • replaces lead and has no intrinsic value to thieves
  • can be installed on pitched roofs too
  • Why would you choose any other type of flat roof?  If you can think of a reason, we’d love to hear about it – tell us.