Are you looking to have new flooring in your Wetroom or Bathroom?
Then why not have one of our specialists at Ace install new GRP Flooring using the latest technology?

Wet room encapsulated in GRP Fibreglass

GRP Lining is the only Way to 100% Seal your Wet Rooms. Unlike tiles which are only to direct the flow of water. GRP Lining Creates a completely waterproof lining . This is Ideal for Wet Rooms on the first floor or in flats where leaks are not an option.

Many Architects will tell you that GRP is the only guarantee that your wet room remains 100% leak free. The GRP cover is not always the finished product (although it can be – and the finish can be anti-slip if necessary). Many customers choose to tile directly on to the GRP giving them the high quality finish they require.

What else?
The same application can be applied to tank linings, bund lining, wall lining, garage pit lining and milking parlours. Our company statement is no joins, no seams, no leaks: this applies to all our work.