A recent call was from Chris Southey in Seaton, east of Looe to ask if we could replace her 50m2 copper roof. This is reportedly this first eco-house built in the whole of the United Kingdom and dates back to 1954. With stunning waterfront views through the Monterey Pines above the high tide line  and over the first of many cups of tea with fresh baked treacle and raisin biscuits, it was hardly an effort to be at work!

Beneath the copper skin we were able to  appreciate the effective compressed straw – paper lined, which worked both as the insulation as well as purchase point for the copper roof itself. The roof was in pretty good shape and we found during our work that as is so often the case on other roofs, the leak problems had been coming from the flashing areas. (nb. an important note here is that even small cracks in the render above flashing height have on a few occasions been the reason for continued water ingress and once addressed, problem solved).
The sunshine and light ocean breeze made for perfect working conditions.  The  18mmOSB3 tongue and groove sheets went down easily and all the trims were fitted to the perimeters and gutter.The hidden gutter was remodeled and once the runs of chop strand were cut and rolled ready, the entire roof was laminated in around 90 minutes. The heat meant that in no time at all it was ready to be sanded in order for the topcoat to go down.
It took three days from start to finish for the new roof to be completed. Just another grey roof? To some, perhaps. But for Ace, well, we are proud to have had the opportunity to work on this special piece of history. The 250kgs of copper that came off the roof caused some conversation among the salvage yard crew when we took it in for Chris and its recycling took a chunk off the invoice for her too! We would like to thank Chris for her generous hospitality and for allowing us to use these photos.