What is a fibreglass (GRP) roof?

Fibreglass roofs are sometimes known as GRP (glass reinforced plastic) roofs.  As the name suggests a super strong type of fibreglass matting known as chop strand matting is used to give immense strength to the roof structure.  Wondering where you’ve seen fibreglass used before?  If you’ve been on a plane or a boat you’ve almost definitely seen a glass reinforced structure.

Our fibreglass flat roofs are made under the same concept as a GRP lamination on a boat or plane.  Fibreglass is flexible and forgiving, waterproof, and strong enough to withstand the toughest elements.  Think of our fibreglass flat roofs as an upside down bath tub covering your home!

A properly laid fibreglass roof will last for decades with no measurable deterioration and we offer a 20 year insurance backed guarantee on the majority of our roof installations.  Our team of specialist fibreglass roofers only install fibreglass – we can not offer asphalt roofs or rubber roofs because we just don’t believe in them.  We’ve seen hundreds of leaking roofs and why asphalt / felt / rubber roofs leak is obvious when you see how they are made.

The future for flat roofing is fibreglass.